Uganda: The Spirit of Africa

Home is where the heart is!

Uganda is a landlocked country in East Africa. Between Kenya, Tanzania, Southern Sudan, and Rwanda stretches a beautiful country. Lakes, the Nile basin, rainforests, and savannahs characterize the landscape. Nine national parks and six wildlife reserves reveal the natural beauty of the land, where elephants, zebras, and countless other wild animals can be experienced in their natural freedom.

But the beauty of the land is only one side of the coin. From 1966 to 1986 the country was under the control of an oppressive regime. Violence, human rights violations, and internal civil conflicts broke out across the country. Even under the current government, human rights violations and military conflicts with neighboring lands continue to occur.

These conditions are a significant reason why Uganda is one of the 50 poorest countries in the world. It also explains the catastrophic medical situation. There is one doctor for every 20,000 patients. There is a lack of medicine and medical knowledge. This is an unbearable situation for the countless, critically ill patients who do not receive the treatment they desperately need. They must rely on help from abroad.

This is precisely where Doctors Fly e.V. wants to help – and you can join us. Become a sponsor and fly with us to the pearl of Africa. Get to know the child you’re sponsoring and enjoy the beauty of the country on Safari. See for yourself how your donations are changing lives. Be deeply impressed by the dire medical situation – but also by the possibilities that you can create for these young patients by supporting our work.

The children can’t wait to meet you.