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Background and Goals

Happiness is the fulfillment of childhood dreams. (Sigmund Freud)

Children’s dreams are different around the world. Many children in Germany may want a new computer game more than anything else. Many children in Uganda wish for good health and a life without pain.

With Let Doctors Fly e.V., we fulfill the dreams of children in Northern Uganda by providing them with the medical care they desperately need.

There is currently 1 doctor for every 20,000 patients. We’re going to change that!

The organization’s goal is to send German medical personnel (first and foremost orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists) to Uganda to provide physically disabled children with surgical operations and physical therapy to improve their quality of life. The operations are free for the patients, and the medical personnel works without compensation. Due to the often desperate financial situation of the people in Uganda and a lack of medical care, help from abroad is critical.
Education of local medical personnel is also a core mission for our organization, as local training can help ensure that medical services are as sustainable as possible. The medical specialists we fly in to the country provide education for local doctors and physiotherapists.

Disabled Children are Unwanted in Uganda!

During our trip to Uganda, we witnessed how parents would simply leave a disabled child behind when they went to care for the animals or to work in the fields. Some disabled children are lying day and night in a dark hut, on a hard floor – a sad and lifeless existence.
This is a situation that Let Doctors Fly e.V. intends to change.
We rescue children from this confinement and bring them to partner homes, where they are lovingly cared for. Many children are finally able to walk independently again after their desperately needed physiotherapy and are immediately able to enjoy their lives with the help of caretakers and the necessary therapy.

Helping People Help Themselves
Let Doctors Fly e.V. provides sustainable assistance. We do not simply relieve parents and relatives of their responsibilities, but offer education and support. Parents of disabled children should know that they are not alone. That’s why Let Doctors Fly e.V. would like to establish a center where parents can learn, together with their children, how to deal with the difficult situation. While the parents are working, the children could be cared for in the center. The parents must also learn how to help their children with physiotherapy.
This project will begin soon, and we are currently raising funds for a building! Please join us in our efforts by making a donation today for the construction of this life-changing center.