Peter Paul

Five years of despair

Up until the age of five, Peter Paul led a life full of despair. Because of his clubfeet, he was almost unable to move. His mother kept him sequestered in a dark hut day in and day out, because she had no time to take care of him. When the father abandoned the family, she had to provide for the family on her own and work. She saw no other option for Peter Paul but to keep him locked away.

She knew, however, that an operation would make life better for her son. Unfortunately, the only surgeon in the area who would have been able to perform this operation had recently passed away. There was no other doctor around. For us, this is inconceivable, but this single surgeon was the only pediatric orthopedic surgeon within all of northern and eastern Uganda, the West Nile, south Sudan and eastern Congo. The mother also had no money for another doctor, so she was out of options. And so, Peter Paul had no other prospect but to spend his days in that dark hut.

The chance of a normal life

A child like Peter Paul deserves a real chance, as does every child. That is why we were infinitely grateful that we were able to give him a wheelchair, thanks to the support of his sponsor. The child's reaction was priceless when he was finally able to leave the cramped confines of his hut. His smile of gratefulness for something that we take for granted is unbelievably moving. But the wheelchair was only meant to be a stepping stone for Peter Paul. We knew that he needed the right treatment to allow him to walk again. Together with Peter Paul and his mother, our team of Let Doctors Fly traveled to the capital city Kampala to have preliminary examinations performed. The time finally arrived on Sept. 25, 2014: After two operations of his misalignments and skin transplants to his lower limbs, Peter Paul was able to take his first actual step ever. At the age of five, he could finally start living, be a real part of his family and even go to school. Thanks to your support we were able to give him a fresh start in life.