Pascale Akello

From surviving to living

Pascale Akello's fate stunned us. At the time of the rebel wars, she and nine other women were doused with gasoline, locked in a hut and lit on fire. She was the only survivor, but since that day, she has been suffering from the physical and mental impact this atrocity left on her. Despite her horrific experience, she is a woman who is full of hope, with plans for the future. She sacrifices every day to take care of her two sons, Joseph and Daniel. She plans to start her own business making and selling peanut paste. She is truly a proud and brave woman who has earned the chance not only to survive, but also to finally live. That is why we at Let Doctors Fly support her and her family. We have made it possible for her twins to go to school so that they themselves can lay the foundation for a better future. Now they are finally able to be children again and their mother has the opportunity to work and provide for her family at the same time.