From forgotten child to top pupil

At the time, we found Betsy living in catastrophic conditions. The girl, who was deaf and mute, was exceedingly timid and had never seen a Caucasian woman in her life. She was not in school and had no support whatsoever concerning her disability. Her example shows quite clearly how important education is, especially for children with disability. With the proper guidance, these individuals can easily learn self-sufficiency and attain a superb quality of life. Fortunately, we were able to find a sponsor for Betsy, who, through us, was able to provide her with what she needed. We made it possible for Betsy to get into a boarding school and taught her sign language, a vital tool for her future development. Betsy impressed us greatly with the way she received our help. Today, she is a top pupil and is setting goals for her young life, such as participating in the youth paralympics in northern Uganda. She trains diligently in various disciplines and we are certain that she will be able to achieve much more thanks to her newly gained love of life.