Help us as medical personnel!

For Doctors

The voluntary and active support of medical doctors makes Let Doctors Fly e.V. possible. If you would like to offer your medical services pro bono for a very good cause, have at least two years’ experience, and are willing to perform urgently needed operations in Uganda – then please send us an email at

Unlike at many other organizations, you don’t have to make a long-term commitment to our project; you can help as you are able, and when you have time. Please just let us know when you would be able to help Let Doctors Fly e.V. with our work. Let Doctors Fly e.V. will organize all of the details (flight, room and board). The operations are performed at one of the local hospitals in Uganda.

Please contact us at any time with questions: Please feel free to leave a telephone number; we’d be very happy to give you a call.

For Physiotherapists

Are you a physiotherapist who would like to support the work of our organization?
We are looking for physiotherapists who are ready to give and transfer their knowledge and skills in Uganda. Many children in Uganda depend on physiotherapeutic assistance. Many patients need increased mobility; physiotherapy is required after operations; wheelchairs need to be adapted; and much more.
You can ensure that your knowledge is transferred locally by showing the families how to care for and assist their children.
The local hospital personnel in Uganda also require training to ensure long-term care for our small patients.
Please contact us at