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20.06.2013: Neues von Peter Paul!

Peter Paul: Gestern erreichte uns folgende E-Mail:

Dear Pamela
It is nice to hear from you! . We started the second term well. Paul has been moved to Kintergarten 2 after assessing his ability in K1. It was found that he was so knowlegeable that it was not neccessary for him to be in K1. I plan to send to you some of his work. Thanks so much for the money Tanja paid the fees and transport fully.
I will definanetly send names of such children if discover some within the catchment area of our school or any other school willing to take disabled child. In case I get some I shall coordinate with Concy.

Greetings from Little Lillies school


(Auf dem Foto seht ihr Peter Paul im Unterricht. Dieses Bild wäre vor einigen Monaten noch unmöglich gewesen!! )

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