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Peter Paul
Peter Paul
Imagine the following scenario: a five-year-old boy has been living enclosed, for his entire life, in a hut – with no daylight. The reason: Peter Paul is severely disabled, and unable to walk without assistance.
The father abandoned the family and the mother has to work to feed them. No one cares for the small boy.

Peter Paul was born with clubfeet. With an operation, he would be able to lead a normal life. The necessary operation can’t be performed, however, as the only surgeon who performs this type of operation –who was responsible for North- and West- Uganda, West Nile, Southern Sudan, and the Easter Congo – recently died. Unfortunately, Peter Paul’s mother does not have the money to pay for another doctor. The boy has no choice but to endure his solitary confinement and to hope for help from abroad.

This is not a story – it is the sad truth.

We have made it our mission – together with you - to make sure that life stories like Peter Paul’s become history.

Let Doctors Fly e.V. was recognized as a non-profit organization on April 23, 2013.

We hope that you will decide to become a part of Let Doctors Fly e.V. by supporting the children.